Felix Marangoni, born in Venice and Austrian from mother's side, got his organ and harpsichord degrees cum laude at Padua and Verona Conservatories. He graduated at “Ca' Foscari” University in Venice cum laude with a bachelor's degree in “Performing Arts and Media Studies” with a dissertation about Hans Leo Hassler's keyboard music and graduated afterwards cum laude with a master's degree in “Musicology and musical heritage” with a dissertation on the music of Luca Marenzio in the “Turin tablature” (the most significant Italian collection of keyboards music of the XVIIth century). His work was published by “Il Levante” Editions, specialized in ancient keyboard music.

From 2002 to 2004 he made experience as assistant in the Organ class of prof. R. Livieri at the “C. Pollini” Conservatory in Padua. He also followed a Gregorian chant master class with G. Baroffio.

He won different international competitions with prestigious juries: the President's medal from Senate of the Italian Republic in the “G. Giarda” competition (Rome, 2001); the third prize at the International “Johann Joseph Fux Organ Competition” (Austria, 2002); the second prize (first prize not assigned) at the “International Dietrich Buxtehude Organ Competition” in Lübeck (Germany, 2007), the second prize (first prize not assigned) at the “International Organ Competition” in Herford (Germany, 2008) and was semifinalist at the competitions in Bruges (Belgium, 2009) and “Silbermann” in Freiberg (Germany, 2009).

His great interest in baroque and renaissance music has brought him to attend several masterclasses with H. Davidsson H. Vogel, J. van Oortmerssen, G. Leonhardt, W. Porter, M. Radulescu, P. van Dijk, L. Lohmann, P. Ruiter-Feeenstra, J. Speerstra, E. Bellotti, L.F. Tagliavini, L. Tamminga, A. Marcon, L. Ghielmi, R. Jaud, K. Olesen at the Academies of Smarano, Cremona, Bologna, Treviso, Pistoia (Italy), Alkmaar, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and at GOArt Center at the University of Götheborg (Sweden).

He held a masterclass about German baroque organ music at the Organ Academy of Udine and took part as juror at the “Third International Organ Competition Johann Joseph Fux” in Graz (Austria).

Beside his soloist activity as an organist, harpsichordist, clavichordist and continuist he collaborates with various formations (e.g. Capella Marciana, Ensemble Tibicines, L'Arsenale, Göteborg Art Baroque, Coro Latomàs, ensemble Hierophonia Vocalis). His repertoire ranges from ancient to contemporary music.

He was supervisor of various CDs from the Festival Organistico of Treviso (e.g. the four-hands organ version of Prokofiev's “Peter and the Wolf” – a project commissioned by the ECHO (European Committee of the Historical Organs) consisting in a 9-languages version CD of the narrating voice.

He is also engaged in translations in the field of musicology and, deepening his knowledge with studies of historical performance practice, with transcriptions of manuscripts of ancient music. In autumn 2013 he was invited to participate as discussant at the international symposium Improvisation from ‘cantare super librum' to partimenti at the G. Cini Foundation in Venice.

Being a certified copyist of the notation-software “Sibelius” he pays a great attention to the formal aspects of correctness and intelligibility of the score.

Actually he is under way with several CD-recordings commissioned by international labels: a double CD with organ and harpsichord works from Italian composers transcribed from J.S. Bach as like another CD with concertos from Italian composers adapted by J.G. Walther.

Felix Marangoni is titular organist of the great Dell'Orto-Lanzini after Andreas Silbermann at the Parrish Church of San Giuseppe in Treviso. He is also founder and member of the Association “Organum” and artistic director of the “International Organ Festival” at the new Formentelli Organ of Parrish Church S. Maria Goretti in Mestre (Venice).

Felix Marangoni was professor of “Organ practice and Gregorian chant” at the Conservatory in Mantua. Actually he is professor of Philosophy of Music, Gregorian Chant, Aesthetics of Music and Ancient Music Notation at the Conservatory of Bologna.

Actually he is appointed as organ teacher at the town music school "A. Miari" in Belluno.